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At the turn of the millennium, we travelled around the world for more than 7 years. We were backpackers, business travelers and foreign workers alike. We had the opportunity in Germany, Denmark, USA, China, South Korea, Italy, among many others, to have an insight into several different cultures. There were places where we only spent a night, and there were places where we spent more than a year continuously. What they had in common during those colorful, varied years, was that we felt great, and at home everywhere. Everywhere we met with the feeling of: “Come as a guest, leave as a friend”

After moving home in 2003, we wanted to continue this adventure, this feeling, and reciprocate the hospitality we received over the years. This is how the idea came, to turn the grandparent house into a cottage. Our first guests were old friends, colleagues, business partners, former employers from all over the world. More than 15 years have passed… We have been constantly expanding and developing. Our guests included, among others, elite athletes coming here for championships, employees of large international companies investing in the area, Hungarians living abroad returning for family visits, traveling bands… And we, -whatever is the purpose of their trip- during their stay, provide them: A home away from home